Assembly occupancies generally can be defined as rooms, spaces or structures in which groups of people gather for a purpose, such as deliberation, worship, entertainment or to await transportation.  Examples of assembly occupancies are large meeting rooms, places of worship, passenger terminals, restaurants, auditoriums, sports facilities, nightclubs, halls,and cinemas.

Every day, millions of people wake up, go to work or school, and take part in activities in assembly type buildings.  Fire events can produce conditions (smoke and heat) that present a serious risk to occupant egress to a place of safety. Unfortunately, some of the world worst fire in terms of life loss have occurred in assembly occupancies.  Early detection of fire and an orderly, safe evacuation of the occupants is the primary concern.

Varshafire has experience in performance based evaluations such as timed egress studies and modeling of fire and smoke spread.   also has experience in review of assembly facilities to make sure that all details are code compliant.