Our Services

Fire Fighting System

  • Design, supply & installation of Fire Suppression Inergen, FM 200, Co2 gas, Foam system, Automatic Fire curtain system , Foam Generating system for Chemical store/hangers
  • Design, supply & installation of Kitchen wet agent system, Water leak detection & LP gas leak detection system
  • Design, supply & installation of Fire hydrant, Sprinkler, Dry riser & Hose reel system
  • MVW/HVW & Foam spray system for transformer, tanks
  • Design, supply & installation of FAS, CCTV, Access Control system
  • Supply, installation of Fire fighting pumps, Booster pumps

Plumbing and Mechanical System

  • Supply, installation of cold water, hot water, waste & sewage system
  • Supply, installation of rain water evacuation system
  • Supply, installation of Cold water, sump pumps
  • Supply & installation of Mechanical piping, Maintenance of pumps
  • Supply, installation of fuel piping, oil storage tanks 1KL,5KL,10KL,15KL
  • Manufacture, supply, installation of Hoardings
  • Supply & fabrication of any type of structural work

Air Conditioning and Ventilation

  • Supply, installation of Split type Air conditioners
  • Supply, installation of chilled water Fan coil units
  • Toilet ventilation system
  • Basement car parking ventilation system with GMS ducting

Electrical Installation

  • Preparing Electrical Layout and Schematic Drawings based on Architectural Drawings
  • Trunkings in the building as necessary
  • Install Distribution Boards and Main Switches
  • Install Cables from Distribution Boards to Switches, Light /Fan points,and socket outlets
  • Install Earth Electrode for the Electrical System
  • Test the Installation and obtain the Test Certificate
  • Obtain Service Connection from Power Utility Company
  • Ready for Commissioning for Electrical Installation